MOCCASIN MAIL, VOL. IV, No. 1 - Jan. 81

The official newsletter of The American Mountain Men


The only areas with two brothers running for office are Brigade 3 (Wyo. Mont.), Brigade 4 (Wash. Ore. Ida.) and Brigade 14 (Kent. Tenn.) and the office of Capitaine. In all other areas the offices were filled by default, only one brother in the running. Candidates for office are:

Capitaine Walt Hayward Lakeside, Ca.
Vern Carpenter Carlyle, Ill.

Brigade 3 Bert Wilde McKinnon, WY
Ron Schrotter Lyman, Wyo.

Brigade 4 George Schlott Phoenix, Ore.
Ivan Sherk Rouge River, Ore.

Brigade 14 Larry Mayes Earlington, Ky.
Stewart Ellis Henderson, Ky.

First year members (Pilgrims) do not have a vote in the national election. Only members in the Brigade may vote for Brigade Booshway. As printing is costly there is little reason to have special ballots printed for these few names. PRINT the name(s) of your selection on a blank sheet of paper, put it in a small envelope and seal it. On the face of this envelope PRINT your name, card #, state and degree of membership, then sign it. Place this in another envelope, print "ballot" across the front of it and send it to- A.M.M. P.O. Box 259, Lakeside, CA. 92040. These will be sent unopened to the election committee as soon as the Grand Council appoints it. By the way, notice that this election was to be held was in VOL. III, No. 7 of the Moccasin Mail.

There are a few new officers elected by default:

EASTERN SEGUNDO Ken Ward, Rt.1 Box 229, Zionville, NC 92025

CHIEF CLERK Bill Brandenburg, BOX 715, Roosevelt, Ut. 84066

CHIEF PURSER Charles Carpenter, Rt. 6 Scruggs Ln., Frankfort, KY. 40601


Calif. Mike Lange, 1556 Glenna Dr., Escondido, Ca. 92025

Ill. Iowa.

Ariz. Nv. Phil DeLaney, Rt. 1 Box 300, St. David, Arizona 58630

Indiana.(was with Ohio) Frank Lockard, 8470 Valley View, Martinsville, Ind. 46131

N.Y., Mass., R.I., Conn., Bob Schultz, 8 Eldor Ave., New City, N.Y. 10956




Due to his working ten or more hours a day and to the fact that he is building and going to move into a new home, Mike Montgomery asked to have his name withdrawn from candidacy for Chief Clerk. In the short time he held this office Mike did a durn good job, for which I believe he has the thanks of the whole brotherhood. Best of luck to you and your new home Mike.


One major change Mike made while in office, one idea advocated by the membership, was to appoint an assistant Clerk for the East and an assistant Clerk for the West. This was mostly to facilitate the handling of dues and to speed up the sending of cards. Until further notice all Western dues will be sent to.-


8622 Miller Grove Dr.

Whittier, Ca. 90606

and all Eastern dues will be sent to:


3156 Klages Blvd.

Tallmadge, Ohio 44278

Western States are through - N. Dakota, S.Dakota, Nebr., Kansas Oklahoma, Texas. ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES MUST BE PAID BEFORE MARCH 31. ANY NOT PAID BY THEN WILL BE DROPPED. Dues are still $10


Brothers, I feel it is time we again review the reasons our brotherhood, The American Mountain Men, was formed.

Originally we were formed as a small survival association (1960's) known as "The Brotherhood of American Mountain Men". - the idea that we are a survival association has never been "officially" dropped, something which becomes obvious if you will take the time to reread our objectives and code. It was not then and is not now our intent to become a costume club or a weekend shooters group, there are many other fine organizations for that. We took our name because we realized that the greatest survival experts the world has ever known were that bunch of rugged individualists known to history as "The Mountain Men".

At first we were not strictly Black Powder, we allowed modern tents, firearms and about anything else we then "thought" would be necessary in order to survive. It did not take long to realize that most of this junk was actually unneeded, in fact most would not be available in a survival situation, that the best thing we could do would be to copy those we took our name from. Research into their ways started and with it more and more of the needless junk was disallowed. In due time it was decided to go all the way, to copy the ways of these men as closely as possible, firearms, clothing and all. We started to become what we were called, Mountain Men.

Just who were these Mountain Men we decided to attempt to copy? They were those trappers and explorers who were in the ROCKY MOUNTAINS between 1810 and 1840. Many were Bordermen, Longhunters, farmers, storekeepers, preachers (one was even a Pirate) before they went West, but none were Mountain Men before they reached the Rocky Mountains, not according to history at any rate.

Why do I bring this up? Because it seems that we are getting many now, both West and East, who would like to bring other historical types into the brotherhood.

Others would like to see us drop the rugged individualist and survival concepts altogether, becoming another costumed weekend shooters club. If this is your idea there are other, as I said before, groups who would love to have you, I suggest you join them and forget about The A.M.M.. We have a firm statement of objectives and a code, again I suggest that each and every brother reread these and then decide if this brotherhood is what you really want. If you find that it is not it is then just a simple matter to just not pay your dues, you will be drooped from membership, no hard feelings.

This brings up another point, the Hiveranno Degree needed to hold national office. I hear a lot of gripes about this, "it is too hard" "I haven't the time" , "it is too much like Boy Scouts". These are excuses, not reasons. Brothers, the Hiveranno existed in the days of the original Mountain Men, he was the old timer who, had been through the mill, the man who could be looked up to for experience and leadership in time of need. When the brotherhood was first formed it was our feeling that anyone interested in national leadership should at least have enough interest in our objectives to accomplish the few simple Hiveranno requirements. I still feel this way. If these requirements are too hard, then national leadership or office is too hard, way too hard. If you haven't the time, then you are a slave and no Mountain Man was a slave. As for Boy Scouts, our nation might be a lot better off if more of our young boys went through their program. As stated in one of our fliers, we want rugged individualists who can face any odds without breaking down, not milk-sops who start looking for excuses when faced with a challenge that might be a bit difficult!

Brothers, perhaps I am a dreamer, but I still see The American Mountain Men as being unique, just a bit above all other wilderness organizations. I see it as becoming a true brotherhood of rugged men, men who believe a handshake is as binding as a witnessed signature, men who believe their word to be a bond that is unbreakable, men who still believe in honor, men who can set their mind on a goal and then achieve it, no matter the odds. I see it as becoming a brotherhood of a type of men who will survive and keep alive the ideals and traditions which made our nation great. A dream?, Perhaps, many have told me it is. But need it be? Not if every brother develops and holds the same dream!

The best to all of you, may you come through the New Year with your scalp (them what still has one on your head) and your cache full!

Yr. Ms Capitaine, A.M.M.